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Periwinkles an Under-heralded Seafood Product

By Dana Wilde

Life is Rough in the Intertidal Zone

"Barnacles with their heads cemented to rock and pilings wait for the tide to rise so they can resume combing for plankton with their legs. Rockweed collapses on boulders and ledges at low tide and wafts upright at high. Crabs root around in it, scouring for mussels, algae, worms and, also, periwinkles, which are maybe the most conspicuous of the mobile intertidal denizens."

Dana Wilde lives in the Waldo County town of Troy. He has been a college professor, Fulbright scholar, editor, columnist and freelance writer. His latest book is Summer to Fall: Notes and Numina from the Maine Woods, available at book stores and online, from North Country Press."

Published By Island Institute's Working Waterfront