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Sea life from the Northern Atlantic Ocean. 50 degree F salt water species. Gulf of Maine Inc. supplies sea life, beach plants, and aquarium substrates from Maine, collected by hand.

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Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus) (Sea Moss)

Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus) (Sea Moss)

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Common Name: Irish moss, sea moss

Scientific Name:  Chondrus crispus

Locations:  lower intertidal and in tidepools, washed up on beaches

Seasonality:  available year-round

Colors:  dark red, maroon, wine colored

Size:  range from 2" - 6" long fronds

Collected:  by hand

Quantity: 1 pint volume

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Frond of Irish moss in the sunlight.

Frond of Irish moss in the sunlight.

Irish Moss is a red algae or seaweed found up and down the Atlantic Coast. Go to a real tide pool with Tidepool Tim to learn about this popular seaweed. See how it grows, and learn about its historical uses by humans.

Tidepool Tim says,  “Irish moss is one of the most celebrated seaweeds of all time. Widely known for its ability to be used in products for human consumption, especially for its carrageenan producing abilities. It works well as a thickening agent in products like ice cream, shampoos, and other foods. Moss has been harvested for centuries all along European shores, in the U.K., in the Canadian maritime provinces, and down along the coasts of New England. In many areas - large windrows of Irish moss wash up on the beaches each day. Moss fronds are commonly coated with various species of bryozoans and the clumps themselves are home to periwinkle snails, isopods, and even worms. As one of the few red seaweeds, it is very obvious to spot washed up on the beach.”