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Q:  What temperature should aquarium water be for these sea creatures?

A:  All of the sea life lives in 50 °F (10 °C) salt water. Some species live submerged in water at all times, others are enjoy terrarium like features to climb out of the water onto.

Q:  Will the marine life be shipped with a supply of oxygen and water for transport?

A:  Yes, all marine life is sent with enough water for the specimen to reach it's destination alive. We include oxygen rich sea water and fresh air in the package. We also include a small amount of seaweed and substrate depending on the specimen being shipped. If your creature(s) arrives and doesn't seem to be in good shape, please contact GOM.

Q:  Is my specimen guaranteed to be alive upon arrival?

A:  GOM will send you a fresh package if the original shipment is lost in the mail, or the specimen is damaged during shipment. Please contact GOM if you think your specimen has been compromised. We will ask that you pay shipping for the complimentary replacement order.  Historically, these occurrences are few and far in between.

Q:  I'm a teacher.  How can I learn more about marine specimens in order to build a lesson plan?

A:  GOM produces educational content available to you. Tidepool Tim is an educational Youtube channel featuring many of the specimens for sale on this site. We also host a think tank (k-12) which is updated regularly with new content including videos, articles, ebooks, and coloring pages! Our ebooks are written according to Next Generation Science Standards. The Gulf of Maine Think Tank is coming soon: summer 2018.