Gulf Of Maine

Fresh Seafood

Fresh seafood harvested in the Gulf of Maine. Shipped to you overnight. Support Maine fishermen by buying traceable seafood. Wholesale options available. We sell clams, whelks, periwinkles, sea scallops, American eels (elvers), and sea cucumbers.


Soft shell clams

Scientific Name:  Mya arenaria

Also called:  Steamer clam, piss clam, ipswitch clam

Season:  January – December

Availability:  available all year

Product:  live, fresh, in-shell

Pack:  50 lb. bushel crates, 10 lb. styros

Harvest Method:  hand dug on sand, mud, and rock beaches

Market:  New England, Atlantic coast

Volume available:  1,000,000 lbs.



Scientific name:  Littorina littorea

Also called:  winkle, bigorneau, periwinkle, wrinkles, winkies

Season:  January – December

Availability:  available all year

Product:  live, fresh, in-shell, bushel sacs

Pack:  50 lb. bushel sacs, 10 lb. sacs

Harvest method:  hand picked on beaches, rocky ledges

Market:  Asian markets, nation-wide.

Volume available:  500,000 lbs.


Waved whelks

Scientific name:  Buccinum undatum

Also called:  conkle, baby conch, green whelk

Season:  April – October

Availability:  Spring - Fall

Product:  live, fresh, in shell / frozen

Pack:  50 lb. bushel sacs

Harvest Method:  Traps or pots

Market:  Asian markets, Atlantic Coast

Volume available:  300,000 lbs 


American eels

Scientific name:  Anquilla rostrata

Also called:  silver eel, yellow eel, glass eel, elver

Season:  April – December

Availability:  spring - fall

Product:  live, frozen, smoked

Harvest Method:  pots, traps, hand netted

Market:  Asia, New England

Volume available: 10,000 lbs


sea scallops

Scientific name:  Pecten magellanicus

Also called:  sea scallop

Season:  December – April

Availability:  available all year (Maine and Atlantic Canada)

Product:  fresh meats, shell on

Pack:  30 - 50 bags on ice, 90 lb totes.

Harvest Method:  scuba divers, dredge vessels

Market:  New England

Volume available:  50,000 lbs

Sea cucumbers.jpg

Sea Cucumbers

Scientific name:  Cucumaria frondosa

Also called:  orange - footed sea cucumber, edible sea cucumber, pickles

Season:  October - June

Availability:  October - June

Product:  whole cucumber fresh / frozen

Pack:  10 lb totes

Harvest Method:  scuba divers, dredge vessels

Market:  Asian markets

Volume available:  10,000 lbs