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Sea life from the Northern Atlantic Ocean. 50 degree F salt water species. Gulf of Maine Inc. supplies sea life, beach plants, and aquarium substrates from Maine, collected by hand.

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Red Coral Crust (Lithothamnion)

Red Coral Crust (Lithothamnion)

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Common name: crustose algae, coralline crust, red crust

Scientific name:  Lithothamnion spp.

Locations: sub-tidal except on full moon tides, tidepools, & in tidal streams. on rocks & shells, mussels

seasonality: year-round

colors:  pinkish red, with white margins

Size:  range from 1” - 3" on shell

Collected:  by hand

Quantity:  sold by the pint volume

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A tortoiseshell limpet on red coral crust.

A tortoiseshell limpet on red coral crust.

Tidepool Tim says,  “Coral crust or red crust does not look like a type of algae or seaweed, but it is!  It is hard and grows as a thin layer over rocks, shells, and other bottom structures.  Some bottom dwelling fish such as sculpins will have this growing on their skin. Chitons, crabs, and shrimp sometimes have a layer of this red coral covering parts of their bodies.  Coral crust grows in 2 forms; first a crust as described above but also as a fruiting cluster that resembles broccoli florets. We call these coral clusters and even "live rock" - these clusters are interesting as they form a micro-habitat for tiny sea urchis, scaleworms, limpets, crabs, etc.  These can be ordered for use in ecology labs and experiments.”