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​Soft-shell Clam Population Decline Calls for Cooperation

Mainers likely have heard about the precipitous decline in soft-shell clam landings over the last five years. While the fishery remains the third most valuable fishery in the state at over $12 million, licenses have declined over the last several decades and landings are following suit.

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Digging in to Rebuild Bay’s Clam Fishery

Pembroke seafood buyer is hoping to encourage more people to dig clams around Cobscook Bay and to rebuild the fishery by eventually offering a good, stable price for the product throughout the year. Tim Sheehan of Gulf of Maine, Inc. (GOM) has already helped get more people into the industry by assisting them with getting started in the fishery. A number of the new clam diggers are women, mostly Passamaquoddy.

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