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Inside the Notebook: Seeding Clams in Downeast Maine

When I interviewed Tim Sheehan last fall in Pembroke for our Oct. 19 story "Company seeks to build up clamming in Maine's poorest county," I was impressed by the many creative ways he and his wife, Amy, have been bringing innovation to a tradition-bound industry. So I wasn't surprised by the recent email I received from Tim telling me about a clam-seeding initiative he and some local clammers undertook in mid-April.

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Washington County Seafood Dealer Delivers Local, Fresh and Traceable Maine Seafood to Mainers

Sheehan’s Seafood, a new enterprise operated by Gulf of Maine, Inc, in Pembroke, Me. has a new vehicle bringing fresh seafood to eastern Maine and Aroostook County residents. Billed as a ‘seafood buyers club,’ the company buys from local fishers / harvesters and sells to restaurants, individuals, buying clubs and anyone else interested in locally harvested fresh seafood. Tim & Amy Sheehan have been in business 20 years and say that local sourcing provides customers with truly fresh seafoods.

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