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Sea life from the Northern Atlantic Ocean. 50 degree F salt water species. Gulf of Maine Inc. supplies sea life, beach plants, and aquarium substrates from Maine, collected by hand.

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Fresh Salt Water

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Common name: sea water of the Atlantic Ocean

Scientific name:  Saltus waterous.....just kidding

Locations: Cobscook Bay (Pembroke, ME.), Passamaquoddy Bay (Eastport, ME.)

Seasonality:  billions of gallons available all year

Colors:  crystal-clear, bright, and blue!

Size:  1, 5 gallon

Collected:  scooping motion or dipping

Quantity:  by the gallon

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Bright blue Atlantic seawater.

Bright blue Atlantic seawater.

Reversing Falls, Cobscook Bay, Pembroke ME.  Rockweed ( Ascophyllum nodosum ) covers the rocks in the foreground.

Reversing Falls, Cobscook Bay, Pembroke ME.  Rockweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) covers the rocks in the foreground.

Tidepool Tim says,  “I would dare say that here in our part of Maine we have some of the cleanest, clearest, sea-water anywhere in the world. There are so few humans in this part of the state, we have little to no factories, few parking lots, sewer systems, or run-off. Pair that up with the flushing action of our extreme 20' tidal range and you can witness the churning, boiling, waters that ebb and flow in and out of the North Atlantic into our local bays each and every day. 

The old sow whirlpool is less than 3 miles from our offices. It's the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere and it really mixes up the nutrients into the water column - no thermoclines here! Comes complete with a variety of planktonic organisms.  Use this water to fill your aquarium, for lab experiments, or touch tanks.”

Reversing Falls, Cobscook Bay, Pembroke ME.

Reversing Falls, Cobscook Bay, Pembroke ME.